• Become a Partner

    We work with companies around the globe that wish to grow with the success of Nagios by becoming authorized partners of official Nagios offerings. Our partner program is designed to generate recurring revenue streams for our partners and allow them to build strong relationships by offering value-added products and services to their clients.


• Discounts on official Nagios products and services

• Formal association with the Nagios brand

• New client leads

• Recurring revenue streams for resellers that maintain their client relationships

• Ability to offer clients discounted pricing

• Ability to provide clients value-added offerings

• Information on the latest Nagios news

• Advance notice of new product and service offerings

• Additional exposure potential with Nagios partner success stories and case studies


• Understanding how Nagios can benefit an organization

• Knowledge of Nagios product and service offerings

• Good customer relationship skills

• Sales experience

• Verifiable company website


Apply to become a Partner.

• One of our team members will contact you directly and assist in completing the application process.

• Qualified companies are approved to participate in the reseller program upon signing our reseller agreement

• Resellers are granted access to our reseller portal website that contains product information, order forms, and sales and marketing materials

• Resellers receive a discount on regular retail prices

• Discounts may be passed along to clients or be retained by the reseller

• Resellers maintain direct relationships with their clients and may provide additional value-added offerings

• Yearly renewals of official Nagios offerings provide resellers a continuing revenue stream

• If you have questions email partners@nagios.com

Sales and Marketing Assistance

Partners are provided with sales and marketing material to assist them in selling official and value-added offerings to clients. Our partner portal website provides an easy-to-use, central resource for obtaining the latest Nagios product information and marketing materials. Nagios Enterprises listens to our partners needs and makes new materials available when necessary. Back end sales assistance is available from Nagios Enterprises to help resellers close deals.

Value-Added Offerings

Partners have the ability to offer their own additional value-added offerings to clients. These value-added offerings may enhance official Nagios products and services, or may provide other, unrelated benefits that their clients need. Examples of value-added offerings that partners can provide clients with include:

•Best-practices guidance
•Implementation and consulting services

Promotional Opportunities

Nagios Enterprises will promote our partner’s success stories through official Nagios case studies. These case studies provide additional value for both Nagios Enterprises and our partners. Partners who would like to have their company featured in a case study may contact us for more information.


Authorized partners are approved to use the “Nagios Authorized Reseller” logo and other Nagios marks in their marketing and promotional materials. This helps partners succeed in sales and marketing activities, as Nagios is a widely known and respected brand in the IT management space. The Nagios brand has widespread industry recognition across horizontal and vertical markets, and has power comparable to those of offerings from the “Big 4” in the IT management space (IBM, HP, BMC, and CA). By becoming a Nagios partner, your organization can align itself with the Nagios brand and succeed with it.

Client Referrals

Nagios Enterprises will refer clients who need Nagios implementation and consulting services to partners that are capable of providing the required offerings. This offers partners an additional opportunity to generate revenue and build their client base.